Ulysses Knope- Old Path Witch, Intuitive Guide, Dermal Herbalist

Ulysses Knope- Old Path Witch, Intuitive Guide, Dermal Herbalist

Ulysses is an Old Path Witch, Intuitive Guide, Dermal Herbalist (Specializing in spiritually-based self care through skin care), and so much more. 
"18 years. Those are the number of years I am willing to count as being a Witch because those are the years I knew what I was doing and what I studying. Before that, I was just an odd kid, with hefty gifts I didn’t understand, a bucket of weird experiences under my belt, and strange personal rituals I felt compelled to do with the spirits of the Forests and Oceanside where I grew up. 

In those years I’ve gone from crystal scrying and the basics of outer circle Wicca, to needing no tools (though I love to use them) and owning my gifts in the deep mysteries of the Subtle Arts and Old Path Witchery. 

In 18 years I’ve come out of the broom closet, only run right back in and later be rudely dragged out again. I’ve helped people in front of me, people across oceans, and people from totally different cultures and religions. 

Most importantly, I discovered what it means to use magick to survive a life scarred with trauma, to heal, to self-care, and finally...to use magick to authentically live. This is what I want to pass on to those people who find me."

Wild Spirit Readings
30 Minutes

Connect with your Plant and Animal Spirit Guides to find answers to your questions, identify negative influences on your path, and reveal the next steps necessary in your path. Learn how to continue working with these guides after your reading and keep moving your energy forward. May include a Path Walking meditation. 

Sacred Path Walking Session
30 Minutes 

Take a walk through a guided meditation akin to a waking, lucid dream. Ulysses will act as your anchor, focusing your energy as you remove your own energetic blocks, discover your inner world, meet guides, speak with ancestors, wake your witch blood, or many more possibilities dependant on your needs and goals. 

Witches Mentorship Session
30 Minutes 

There are many paths witchcraft and a ton of information that can make a witches practice daunting. This is a safe space to speak about where you are at on your witches path, share experiences, and get help discovering, developing, and deepening a practice that works for you. Learn new techniques, trouble shoot spell and ritual, connect to your truth, release blocks and trust your gifts.

PLEASE NOTE: The above practices do NOT contain the ideas of finding or working with your “Spirit Animal”, “Power Animal”, or “Totem Animal”, or going on a “Vision Quest” as these are terms referring to specific practices within certain indigenous faiths, First Nations tribes, and Native American tribes with there own set of culturally significant histories. Likewise, Sacred Path Walking Sessions are NOT the same as Buddhist or any other faith or indigenous specific meditation and are instead an active, magickal, energetic working of my personal creation of which there is a internal, visualization component. 

Disclaimer: Information offered in each session with Is for educational purposes only and the Client understands that they are fully responsible for their choices pertaining to their spiritual practices, health, and wellbeing at all times before, during and after sessions. Sessions are meant as a complementary practice to and not a replacement for traditional practices of Doctors, Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Nutritionists and Psychologists, to which Clients will be referred if need be. Ulysses cannot give financial or legal advice. Ulysses reserves the right to refuse service at any time for safety and ethical reasons. All session information is confidential unless otherwise stated by the Client.