Kira Williams - Medium, Tarot

Kira Williams - Medium, Tarot

Born and raised in Winnipeg,and an avid traveler, always looking for spiritual locations to study and learn from. She has a very intense and colourful personality and you will feel like family with her. She provides love and guidance through her messages to everyone she meets. She is a psychic medium, and gives guidance and intuitive counselling along with messages from loved ones. She uses tarot, works with crystals,flame readings, pendulum, visions, and prophetic dream states to guide herself and her clients through every endeavour of life. She offers her clients peace of mind, love and compassion, grief counselling,and medium messages. Currently she is working toward her PHD in para-anthropology which covers an array of specialties including paranormal science, metaphysical science, ufology and cryptozoology.

She is skilled in cleansing homes from negative energy and unwanted phenomena while providing a safe space and a positive experience for her clients. She also can cleanse the client individually from negative energy.

Do you feel you need to know the next step in your life, or have questions without answers?

Come and see Kira and let her love and comfort guide you on your own personal journey.

Available by appointment most days and evenings