5G EMF Support Formula Shungite Mat
5G EMF Support Formula Shungite Mat

5G EMF Support Formula Shungite Mat

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Sleep deep, wake up refreshed and cleared from non beneficial energies. Let nature work and protect your body with this 5G EMF Support Formula Shungite Mat. Place it under your bedding to allow it to work on your body while you sleep. This amazing mat has many other uses as well....sitting, car, yoga, desk chair, kitchen counter for food balancing,etc.

Shungite originally drew attention because the water in the area of this stone had become notorious for its miraculous abilities. People who lived near it had exceptional health and longevity. Others would travel great distances to experience relief from a vast variety of ailments by immersing in and drinking the water near the source of the stone. They even found Animals would literally seek out the miracle stone and lick it. Because of the wonders of Shungite, a King built his palace on the location of its source.

Peter the great had each of his soldiers carry one of the stones possibly being a contributor to their victories.

Shungite is rare and getting rarer. As the Russian scientist discoveries of these stones' abilities grow so does their desire to keep it in their own hands. There is a limited supply of Shungite at its source and it is believed the Russians have recently limited its release from their country.
8.5" X 11"