Chakra Balancing with Sound Chart

Chakra Balancing with Sound Chart

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Learn how to use Ohm Tuning Forks to clear, balance and harmonize the Chakras. Photos and artwork demonstrates three application techniques to move disharmony and tension, clear unwanted resonance, and attune the body’s vital energy centers.

Ohm Therapeutics features the sacred OM tone of Hindu and Buddhist spiritual traditions, and octaves of this ancient frequency, to ground, balance and harmonize both the physical and energetic body.

Easy to follow application techniques help the body “reset” and return to homeostasis, where profound healing begins.

Learn why the Ohm frequency is considered the “axis mundi of sound” in the Ohm Therapeutics sound healing system, where Ohm is a vibratory continuum connecting the individual to Universal Qi.

Experience the benefits of accessing source energy. Healers, Shamans and devotees of spiritual practices have long sought to access Qi/source energy to correct imbalances, awaken kundalini, and seek enlightenment.