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Chakra Balancing Kit

Chakra Balancing Kit

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Have you been feeling “off” lately? Are you making silly mistakes at work? Are you sick for the third week in a row? Although any number of things could be the explanation for these distressing circumstances, they could also be indicative of an imbalance in your chakra system. Chakras are seven spots along your body that influence different aspects, and opening them/balancing them can make a big difference!

This chakra balancing kit contains everything you need to balance your chakras and getting back to your regular happy self, all packaged in a gift box with a velvet bag.

7 Chakra Sage Bundle - this 4" sage wand is wrapped in rose petals, each colored for the different chakras. Unlit sage represents the element of EARTH, lit sage represents FIRE and the smoke represents AIR. Burning sage helps to clear negative energy.

2 Palo Santo Sticks - Palo Santo sticks are burned much like sage smudge sticks. They are often believed to have natural healing properties. Where sage gets rid of the negative energy, Palo Santo not only clears the negative but attracts the positive energy you are in need of. You get 2 sticks approx. 4" long

Selenite Wand - Selenite is an incredibly versatile crystal. It creates calm, peaceful energy as well as helps to heal. Wand is approx. 4" long (please allow for natural variations in crystal)

Crystal Chakra & Lava Bead Bracelet - Lava stones not only make great portable, cost-effective essential oil diffusers and attractive bracelets, they also support healing by balancing chakras, relieving muscle tension, help to manage anxiety, increase fertility and bring positive energy to the wearer by increasing focus. Bracelet is elastic so one size fits most.
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