St. Michael: Strength

St. Michael: Strength

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It is a moment described in the Book of Revelation, when Archangel Michael, leader of the Heavenly Host, defeats Satan in his dragon form and good triumphs for a final time over evil. The triumphant angel casts the devil down from Heaven through the power of the divine.
It is a moment that has captivated artists since the dawn of Christianity, portrayed in paintings, sculpture, illuminated manuscripts and cathedral windows the world over. Now, a striking bronze sculpture portrays this definitive angelic triumph as never before and heralds an all-new collection celebrating the might and light of the Archangels as never before . Presenting…the Archangels of the Divine Word Bronze Sculpture Collection, available only from The Bradford Exchange.

Beginning with “St. Michael: Strength in the Lord,” each masterfully sculpted statue is hand-crafted of the finest artists’ resin and then hand-painted in Renaissance-style bronze tones. But what makes them absolutely exceptional is the all-new reflective gradiant paint design that dramatically lights the angel. St. Michael, here, appears to still be bathed in the dragon’s flames as he descends to deliver the coup de grace.

He stands atop a rock that is incised with powerful words from Scripture, celebrating the Lord’s might, from which the angel draws his power. A mahogany-finished base completes the museum-worthy design.

Measures about 9½ inches high.