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Book One of the Grigori Celestial Chronicles

They, known by many names - Watcher Angels, the Grigori, the Irin – were sentinels ever vigilant, ever observing. They had been christened countless other titles, including ‘Those Who Are Awake’, ‘Eyes of the Night’, and ‘Ones Who Never Sleep’.

Time after time, life after life, Arma’ros, a Watcher, Zoe, a human woman, have been joined. Until suddenly, the threat of the foretold Final Day comes charging down upon them, hurtling them into a headlong race against the Heavenly factions of Darkness attempting to unleash an impending Apocalypse upon the unsuspecting Earth. Together, they must rally and unite those who have made their choice to preserve and protect the Light, and to locate and preserve the last Enochian Key. The answers can only be found in revisiting their shrouded past - unimaginable answers, true motives and agendas concealed since before the Beginning – answers now necessary for our world’s very survival.

A. J. James resides in Canada, just outside Winnipeg, Manitoba. Currently, she is devotedly working on the continuation of the Watcher Angels' narratives. She divides her time between her family, writing, fiendishly researching compelling items of interest, designing and creating healing gemstone jewelry at Bliss-ening Treasures, target practice or various weaponry, resolving behavioral issues with equines and canines and training their people with Harmony Hounds & Humans.