Medicine Woman 5 – Transformation

Medicine Woman 5 – Transformation

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The Medicine Woman series continues!
Melodic, beautiful, inspiring.
Based on Mayan culture set deep in the rainforest, Medicine Woman 5 returns the series to it's original inspiration and has been written in the style of Medicine Woman 1&2. With a very performed approach Medwyn makes his guitars sing and cry, with soulful panpipes and Bamboo flutes. The music weaves through soundscapes of the rainforest giving a beautiful ambience of light filtering through lush trees and ancient ruins, transporting mind and soul, though healing energy and intention.

1. Sun Dew
2. Transformation Part 1.
3. Cathedral of Trees
4. Wanderer
5. Sky Watching
6. Inner Child
7. Transformation Part 2
8. Bonus Track - Pure Rainforest

The CD benefits from a bonus track of pure rainforest sounds so you may enjoy the atmosphere.