Tools For Dealing With Energy At This Time - Sarah Haugh

Tools For Dealing With Energy At This Time - Sarah Haugh

If you're an empath our good friend Sarah Haugh from Temple 23 Winnipeg has written an incredible article. Please take a moment to read what she has to say.

Tools For Dealing With Energy At This Time - Sarah Haugh

I don't know if you consider yourself an empath. I think there are lots of different definitions, but to me being empathic is having a higher awareness of the energy of the people around them and the collective conscious. Before I learned how distinguish my energy from other people's I really struggled mentally and emotionally. 

I want you to picture yourself in the middle of a big circle (the aura). Over your life time you get little holes in the aura. These holes are filled with things like jealousy, negative thinking, worrying about money, needing attention, you name it. These energies nag us, but for the most part we can handle them. But they are kind of like an open wound. If something rubs up against them (or triggers them) then we are affected emotionally and mentally. 

So now imagine it's March 2020 and we have COVID19. The world is in a state of panic, uncertainty, fear, etc. As an empath, NOT ONLY, will you feel those feelings in a much stronger way, but they will also agitate your own triggers. 

We become a jumble of emotions and thoughts, and it's normal to have a hard time distinguishing how you really feel about everything. 

This overwhelming amount of energy (if not under our control) will cause us to do one of three things.
1) Suppress our feelings - which will come out at unhealthy times, in unhealthy ways, and often towards someone who didn't deserve it. 

2) Over-think - when you think about energy and emotions you are trapping them inside your aura.

3) Gossip - by gossiping (talking about the issue without actually looking for action steps to change or discussing how to shift) you make the holes in your aura bigger and you become more susceptible to your triggers (aka, making you feel more things).

I believe it's okay to take extra precautions if you're empathic, but it's not okay to blame your thoughts, feelings and actions on it. 

So what can you do about all the feelings?
While I wish I had the perfect answer for you, all I can do is offer you some tools that work for me. If you follow me on Instagram (@sarahhauch) every day starting on Monday I will be doing Live Videos with experts from all fields with tips on how to handle it - from therapists, to self-proclaimed germaphobes, bankers and essential oil, we're going to talk about something different every day. So tune in.

 1. Take It Day By Day
My Number 1 tip for dealing with the anxiety and fear is to take it day by day, and honour how you feel that day. Some days I've spent a lot of it in bed, and other days I am crazy motivated to get things done and be creative. It's not very often that we're forced into being at home and spending our day on our terms. Take advantage of it :)

2. Don't Compare
We are all different. We all process things differently, and are wired differently. Social media DOES NOT, I REPEAT DOES NOT paint an accurate picture of how people are feeling. There is uncertainty for everyone. By comparing you are hurting yourself and the person you're maybe sending negative vibes to. We're all trying our best to feel good right now. 

3. It's Okay Not To Feel Good
Also don't feel pressured to have a rosy-glowy-rainbow-filled attitude right now. If you feel sad, that's okay. But don't fee sad alone. Let someone know. Ask for what you need. This is not a time to emotionally isolate. 

4. Boost Your Immune System

  • Sleep - aim for 8 hours. Get lots of extra sleep, especially if you have the time
  • Supplements - I've read a lot of articles on this. These seem to be agreed on: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Elderberry, Astragalus, Selenium, Garlic, B complex vitamins, Echinacea, Propolis. I found a great tincture that combines a bunch of these ingredients. I take it twice a day with a bunch of vitamin c. 
  • Food - Try to get some of these in your diet: garlic, ginger, whole grains, chicken broth, citrus fruit, mushrooms, anti-oxidant rich foods like blueberries and acai berries, watermelon, wheat germ, fermented foods and drinks, spinach, sweet potato, broccoli, miso, pomegranate juice. I'm sure there are more, but those seem to be heavy hitters for the immune system
  • Limit Sugar Intake - white sugar drops your white blood cell count and your ability to fight off germs. 
  • Try not to check out with substances. Try dealing with your feelings or shifting them. Suppressing feelings will only have them come up in other ways. 
  • Exercise - sweating and moving your body is important for your immune system and moving toxins out of your body. Your body cannot detox if you are not moving. Go for walks, runs, watch YouTube workouts. I'm a big fan of Heather Robertson. Just keep active. 
  • Meditate - it helps you relax and detox your brain. If you want to join me this Sunday I am hosting an online meditation for anxiety at 10AM CST. Link here

5. Protect Your Energy & Your Thoughts

  • Keep your distance from negative people as much as possible
  • Limit negative media to the bare minimum
  • Protect your energy with your rituals or spiritual practice
  • Constantly ask yourself, "Is this feeling mine?" and then look around. Are you in immediate danger? Are the thoughts yours?
  • Have a go-to list to shift your mood. Mine lately include decaf lattes and singing to the Dixie Chicks. When I'm feeling apathetic or down, I do one of those things. 

I hope this brings you a little peace of mind. Remember that you are in control of how you feel. That's a lot of responsibility, but you can shift! You can do it. 

How Can I Help?

I'm trying my best to stay in contact with everyone. Please reach out. I am only a call away. I'm trying creative ways to support you. 

1. Sunday's I host online meditations that are recorded and sent to you via email afterwards so you can use them any time you want - only $5. Click here for tickets. 

2. Daily Instagram Live Videos with experts in different fields to give you tools.

3. IGTV quick and easy meditations to help you relax mid day.

4. Distance Healings - My clients are really liking these. I can do either Ensofic Ray or Spark of Life. They both boost the immune system. If the client wants we have a follow up call directly after the healing and I generally have homework for them. All distance healings are 50% off - only $100 

5. Online Coaching. If you are wanting or needing business support at this time I am working with clients to maximize this time to their benefit. Also only $100.

I love you lots. Please reach out. Stay safe. Ask for help. Use this time to rest. 
Sarah xo

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