The KAT & GIO Candle Difference

The KAT & GIO Candle Difference

It started with award winning designer, Stella Mazza who is passionate about her craft, obsesses over details, and adores pretty possessions. Stella’s accolades include 2007 and 2008 awards that she garnered for her designs in two different Swarovski Crystalized Elements competitions in Arizona and New York. Stella won 5th and 3rd place awards out of 300 applicants.

In 2011, Stella received a royal seal of approval of the highest order when her bouquet of French beaded art replicating that carried by the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton on her wedding day, was accepted as a tribute gift to the royal couple.

Now she has extended that same passion and attention to detail to her latest creation, Kat & Gio Aromatherapy Candles. Stella is sourcing the best quality ingredients and components, believing why they are critical to the product line. , a handcrafted, clean burning candle you can enjoy without harmful elements.

Some of the features included with Kat & Gio are;

Pure Essential oils are the fragrant essence of a plant and have been prized for centuries for their natural healing, and invigorating properties. Unlike the chemical produced fragrance scents used in most candles, these highly concentrated liquid oils are the foundation of aromatherapy, which is based on the idea that the aromatic oil from a plant has healing properties. The inhaled aroma from these essential oils is widely believed to stimulate brain function. Our signature fusions are carefully blended in house.

Natural Raw Gemstones, referred to as Healing crystals, are sourced from the nature lands of Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, & Mexico. These gemstones serve as a basis to achieve health, vitality and rejuvenating of the body as well as mind and spirit. Some will place gemstones on certain areas of the body, called “chakras,” to promote healing.  Combining crystals and candles can enhance energy, increase vibrations, and manifest goals bringing intentions to fruition.

Clean Palm wax is an environmentally friendly product since it comes from a sustainable and renewable source and it burns cleanly. It is a container wax that mimics the look of marble and becomes translucent during burning, resulting in a glowing effect. Our palm wax materials come from a RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) member source.  They do not contain any GMO material. All candles are hand poured in small batches with the melted wax heated to its perfect degree melting point

Organic Wood Wicks create a unique candle burning experience with clean burning and soft crackling ambiance. These premier, all natural, wicks are made from native, sappy fruit trees and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified mills and manufactured with pride and great skill in the USA. With an international patent technology, these natural wicks are non toxic and eco friendly.

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