The History and Benefits of Worry Stones

The History and Benefits of Worry Stones

A smooth polished stone brought forth to land by an ancient churning sea often rested in the pockets and palms of many original Greeks, Irish and Tibetans. Also called “Palm Stones” and “Thumb Stones“, the idea of rubbing a stone in between the thumb and forefinger is almost as ancient as the stones themselves. Thought to originate in Greece, worry stones were typically taken from a body of water, and were smooth, small, and round or oval in shape.

Our bodies understand naturally what helps us to relax and what relieves stress. Having true therapeutic properties, it is no surprise that worry stones date back to ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, Tibet, the mounds and bogs of Ireland and to North American tribes as well. The Tibetans rubbed them in between thumb and forefinger while chanting mantras. The Irish believed that rubbing on a small piece of Connemara marble will free your life from all worries and bring good luck!

Through a process called acupressure, rubbing the stones between our fingers or in our palms stimulates the numerous nerve endings. These points called pressure points connect to meridians within our bodies which stimulate aspects of the brain. This allows the release of endorphins, creating a naturally calming and euphoric effect. Coming into the forefront in the alternative medicine communities in the 1970’s, worry stones have increased in popularity, moving into the realm of therapeutic applications specifically for relieving stress, tension and anxiety.

Rubbing on a worry stone certainly relieves stress. When combined with prayer, meditation and intention, this can have multiple benefits. Modern day alternative therapies incorporate semi-precious gemstones to apply a wide range of healing techniques. For example, a worry stone made from

Rose Quartz is used to strengthen and heal the heart and to work on the heart chakra to allow love.

Radiance Gifts has numerous styles of worry stones to choose from. Here is a list of some common gemstones and their healing properties applied to meditation, Reiki, worry stones and prayer beads:

Clear Quartz: All chakras especially crown: dispels negative energy, opens the heart to higher guidance, amplifier crystal which can resonate any program, used in radios and electronics to broadcast programs, spiritual development carried out in physical world, “Master Healer”

Rose Quartz: Heart chakra: love, forgiveness, heart healing, compassion, tenderness, peace, clears anger and resentment, brings energy of determination and commitment, love of beauty in oneself and others, stimulates written word

Moonstone: Sacral/2nd Chakra & 7th/Crown Chakra: strengthens intuition, birthing stone used by midwives, travelers protection, psychic perception, clairvoyance, shaman stone, stimulates lucid dreaming and peaceful sleep, connects with nature, kundalini energy and eroticism

Moss Agate: Visionary stone allowing for clarity of vision, new beginnings, abundance and growth, promotes healthy agriculture, draws new business and gradual expansion, creates stability, grounding, stress relieving, clears personal energy systems to allow for growth

White Selenite: Third Eye/6th Chakra and “Soul Star”/8th chakra: high vibration moving quick spiritual growth, cleanses the energy body and removes blockages which prevent healing and growth, clears spaces of negative energy, mental clarity, clear all chakras through the crown

Black Onyx: Powerful protector, absorbs and transforms negative energy, prevents energy drain, develops emotional and physical strength and stamina, support for stressful times, heals grief, encourages happiness and good fortune, meditation stone, provides healing support
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