The Griswald's Christmas Crystal List

The Griswald's Christmas Crystal List

We just finished watching the classic film, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (my husband choice of course). Halfway through the film I couldn’t help but wonder what the Griswald’s could have used to help alleviate some of that Holiday stress they went through.

The Holidays are supposed to be a magical time of year filled with tidings of comfort and joy, but they can come with some unreal expectations and demands that often add to the stress of keeping your loved ones happy.

And when you factor in the likely over consumption of decadent treats, demanding family members, gift shopping, (don’t forget everyone’s own Cousin Eddie is coming over) you’ve got the classic holiday-induced stress, anxiety and exhaustion.

So if the Griswald clan walked into our little shop, here’s what we would recommend for some of them;

Rusty Griswald’s Crystal List

Our first choice for Rusty would be Black Agate. It’s very grounding (remember who his father is) and protective.  Rusty would find that Black Agate would help him in releasing self-limiting beliefs and provide gifts of good fortune, success, strength and courage.

During the Holidays, Rusty could really use a piece of Howlite in his pocket. It is extremely calming and for reasoned communication. He could have used it when him and Clark were decorating the house for sure. Howlite also helps teach patience and with a father like Clark, he needs it. 

Labradorite, often called the Stone of Magic, elevates consciousness and protects the aura. Rusty, like most teenagers could use Labradorite because it helps in understanding one's destiny, provides discernment in direction, enhances faith and reliance on oneself. 

Ellen Griswald’s Crystal List

Rainbow Moonstone of course. Known as the Stone of the Goddess, Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings and changing cycles. It is known to help stabilize emotions, stimulate growth and confidence which Ellen needs. It is a powerful stone for all phases of a women's life and may help her with balancing, introspective, and aids in both reflective and lunar cycles. 

Seraphinite has a lovely spiritual energy that may help Ellen in her search for spiritual enlightenment. It could also assist her with self healing. It aids your connection to beings in the angelic realm and would definitely help Ellen make contact with the Divine Feminine.

Often referred to as the “Stone of Spirituality and Contentment,” Amethyst is a powerful crystal that conducts the energy of calm and peacefulness. It helps to provide for strength and inner peace.

Ellen could use a nice piece of Amazonite tucked away in her bra. It provides pacification and eliminates aggravation.  It soothes emotional processes and nerves and can dispels both irritating and negative energy.  It is rejuvenating to Heart Center and Throat Chakra. 

Cousin Eddie's Crystal List

Cousin Eddie definitely needs Carnelian. As a stabilizing stone with high energy, it lends vitality and energy to the physical body.  It would help Cousin Eddie in manifesting his highest goals and dreams.

Citrine is widely referred to as the “Stone of Abundance.” It open the door for Eddie to increase his clarity of thought, enhance his creativity and magnified his power of will.  Citrine would assist Eddie in manifestation and would stimulate his third chakra. It could helps him perceive things in a more positive light.

Mahogany Obsidian would help Cousin Eddie release his inner limitations and feelings of unworthiness. It could help move him from a place of scarcity into abundance. Mahogany Obsidian assists in opening and cleansing the grounding channel.

Clark Griswald’s Crystal List

First on Clark’s list would have to be a nice big chunk of Afghanite. Afghanite is used for clarity in problem-solving and he needs all the help he can get in that department. It also helps eliminate self-limiting beliefs regarding time available and is an excellent stone for eliminating control issues and softening one's character.

Clark could also use Carnelian. It awakens ones inherent talent and connectedness with the spiritual world. It helps overcome the fear of taking action or doing the wrong thing.

Last but not least, Amber would be ideal for Clark during the Holidays. It is known to stimulate intellect and open the crown chakra. It transmutes the energy of physical vitality toward the activation of unconditional love. It would help him to realize that his family loved him even if his bonus wasn’t enough to have that pool installed in the back yard.


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