The Goddess Oracle

There have always been oracles and people have always used them. Whether it was to predict an unlucky day, to confirm one's choice of husband, or to locate animals for a successful hunt, or to learn the outcome of a battle, part of the human condition is to want to know, prepare, and make safe the unknowable -- the future.
The word "oracle" means "to speak." It also means "divine communication in response to a petition or request." Oracles were believed to utter their pronouncements when possessed by a divinity: the goddess or god. These divine messages could be enigmatic and interpretation was sometimes needed. The Miko, blind shamaness of northern Japan, to this day speak their oracles in archaic Japanese which needs to be translated to be understood. Often the oracle chose to speak in a place where Earth's energies were especially powerful or rarified. (For example, the Oracle of Delphi of ancient Greece was on the slopes of Mt. Parnassus.)

Oracles of ancient times were delivered by priestesses who had been carefully selected and trained. The priestess would prepare for her oracular session by bathing in a sacred pond or spring. She would then dress in ritual oracular garments and enter into a deep trance. Trance might be evoked through the use of sacred visionary herbs or direct spiritual linkage. Once in the trance, the Goddess would speak through her. Sometimes oracular communication was received in dreams. Priestesses or petitioner would sleep in a certain place, said to be filled with the pressence of the Goddess or God, and gain answers to their requests through their dreams.

The Goddess Oracle was created to provide the petitioner (you) with easy access to the Goddesses. This transformational tool consists of a deck of cards and a book. You ask a question, shuffle the deck, and pick a card(s).

The Goddess Oracle consists of fifty-two Goddess portraits celebrating fifty-two inimitable ways the Divine Feminine has manifested and been worshiped in cultures around the world from the beginning of time. These fifty-two faces of the Divine Feminine portray all the beauty of the three sacred stages of life: maiden (or youth), mother (or maturity), and crone (old age).

Included are Goddesses from a wide range of world cultures, not just the Greco-Roman and European pantheon with which Westerners are familiar. The Goddesses presented here were chosen through a combination of research and direct communication, meaning I let the Goddesses themselves speak through me. They chose to express themselves in vivid, lyrical poetry, which begins each of the fifty-two Goddess sections, and opens the path to connecting with them. Then there's a brief mythological/cultural background about each Goddess to put you in touch with her world. Next there's an interpretation of what it means when she appears in your spread, what she is communicating to you. Finally, there's a ritual suggestion that you can use to work with the energy that particular Goddess embodies.

Each of the fifty-two Goddesses gracing The Goddess Oracle represents a particular aspect or energy in your life. Goddess knows, there are certainly more than fifty-two, but for the purposes of this book and deck there had to be a limit. These fifty-two aspects, which are common to human experience, are challenged by life. When you choose a particular card, it guides you to look at what you need to focus on in your life. When you bring this into your consciousness and work with it, you effect change. The Goddess Oracle is a road map that tells you where you are and what you need to get where you want to go.

The Goddess Oracle helps you get in touch with your present in a way that can help you create your future. It suggests rituals for working actively with the energy of a particular situation. When energy flows, situations can change and change facilitates transformation. When energy is stagnant or blocked, it is hard for transformation to occur. The Goddess Oracle provides a way of unblocking/moving the energy.

Sometimes you may feel stuck or so consumed and overtaken by your problems or situations that you neglect to nourish yourself. And sometimes you forget that your challenges can be renamed as allies, then used to achieve wholeness. The Goddess Oracle is here to assist you in your quest for wholeness and to remind you that when you nurture wholeness, you can flow with the energy of any given situation. From a place of wholeness, even the future feels safe.
by Amy Sophia Marashinsky