Smudging Suggestions

Smudging is the burning of Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass or other herbs to cleanse and purify negative energy from a room, person or aura. To smudge a room, put the dry herb of your choice in a shell, clay pot or other non burnable container. Light the herb allowing it to burn for a few seconds. Fan out the flames, as it is the smoke of the smouldering herbs you want.

Choose a feather you feel drawn to or a feather from a bird you feel connected with as its spirit will be felt when you work with it. Quick short movements with a feather(s) breaks up blocked or stagnant energy. Long flowing movements smooth out energy. This creates a calm, balanced and harmonious energy flow.

Using a feather, walk about your room, house or the person you are smudging, in a clockwise direction fanning the smoke. Make sure you get the smoke up into the corners of the room as well. Open doors or windows to let energy escape if the area feels heavy or there has been sickness or excessive negativity.

Once you feel the smudging is complete, wait for a day or two. If you feel the need to smudge more, then perform your ceremony again.

General rules of thumb are; sage for clearing and healing, cedar for cleansing, sweetgrass for attracting good energy back into the space and Lavender for peace

Crystals and tools for healing can also be cleansed by smudging.