Sandalwood -The Sacred Scent

Sandalwood -The Sacred Scent

Sandalwood has been used by cultures from around the world for more than 4000 years. The ancient Egyptians used sandalwood in medicines, for embalming, and in rituals to honor their gods. Its use has been mentioned numerous times in ancient Sanskrit, Chinese, Jewish, Buddhist and Hindus texts; almost every belief system has a use for it. Sandalwood oil, resin and incense were used in religious ceremonies, and the wood was often used to carve deities and to build temples. Many of these ancient rituals and practices are still used today.

The sweet, soft, woody scent of sandalwood has a pleasant distinct aroma. Inhaling the fragrance is said to have calming effect on the body and mind. Sandalwood reduces tensions, erratic emotions, mood swings and stress levels. It positively stimulates the nervous system and is used to help treat depression, anxiety and aids in controlling anger and aggression.

As an expectorant, sandalwood is said to be very effective in reducing asthma related wheezing, coughs, and other symptoms of respiratory disorders. One of the easiest ways to fill the air with the delightful aroma of sandalwood is by burning resin, incense sticks and candles.

Sandalwood has long been used as an aid to meditation. It is said to promote grounding, relaxation, increase spiritual awareness, openness and enhance intuition. Sandalwood is also thought to possess a high spiritual vibration. Many yogis believe sandalwood enhances the meditative state and one’s devotion to God. In Tantric yoga, sandalwood is recommended to revive one’s sexual energy.

Sandalwood beads, when worn, as a bracelet, necklace or mala, are said to encourage spiritual awareness, enhance protection, healing and focus the mind. They bestow one with clear perception by attracting positive energy, bolstering tranquility, repelling depression and amplifying humility.

Skin care products and soaps made with sandalwood oil are one of the best ways to keep skin soft and moist. Sandalwood oil can relieve itching and inflammation and can work as a natural treatment for skin disorders such as acne and eczema. Sandalwood oil also acts as an astringent, tones the skin, prevents scarring and dry skin. Mysore soap, made with 100% pure sandalwood oil is considered to be one of the best sandalwood soaps on the planet.

Create a tension free, relaxing environment, both at home and at work, with the wonderful fragrance of sandalwood.

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