Rose of Jericho

All plant collectors and keen gardeners like a plant with a special story, and few plants have a story as special as the Rose of Jericho. The Rose of Jericho is a plant that is nearly impossible to kill which makes it perfect for people who have a hard time keeping plants alive! It can be kept in a dark cupboard for years and still be revived in water. When placed in a bowl of water, it perks up within about four hours. Don’t leave it standing in water for more than a few days, as this will make it rot. Change the water daily, and give it “rests” without water.

Its natural growth-cycle alone is intriguing, and this is what has led to the many beliefs and superstitions of this amazing plant. The Rose of Jericho goes from seeming death to life magically, it’s not surprising to discover that it is believed to have magical qualities.

The Rose of Jericho grows in the desert, sucks up all the water, and then when there is nothing left to drink, rolls up inside itself and blows around the desert until it stumbles upon another body of water. When it comes upon an unsuspecting shore or a small desert puddle, it un-tucks its roots, and begins sucking up the moisture, drawing in life!