Rachel Hollis - Why did I write Girl, Stop Apologizing?

Rachel Hollis - Why did I write Girl, Stop Apologizing?

Because after Girl, Wash Your Face came out so many of you asked…How do I pursue a goal and be a great mom? How do I find time to work out when I have a stressful job? How can I turn my side hustle into a business? Well, the answer to all these questions is in this book.

This book has been a labor of love, hard work, and filled with my most tangible advice on how to achieve a goal. I wrote Girl, Stop Apologizing as the next step for everyone who read Girl, Wash Your Face. Girl, Wash Your Face was all about taking ownership of your life, your goals, your dreams. It was step one. With my latest book, I’m teaching you what step two looks like. What does taking ownership of your goals look like? You’ve identified your dreams…now what?

When I wrote Girl, Stop Apologizing I really took a deeper look at all the events in my life – all my successes and my missteps. Becoming an author. Building a business. Striving to be an exceptional partner and mother. What did that journey look like? What were the commonalities to those successes and what were the things that I felt I could have done better? I dug deep into my journey to getting where I wanted to be and tried to really understand what were the things I did every single day to get me there.

Girl, Stop Apologizing is for my community who is hungry for their dreams. It’s for my hustlers who are up till 2am working towards their goals. It’s for my mamas who are being pulled in ten different directions and are still making time for their personal goals. It’s for anyone who is striving to be the best version of themselves. This book just came out yesterday and I can’t wait for y’all to read it.

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