Pleasant Odors Have Antidepressive-like Behaviour

Pleasant Odors Have Antidepressive-like Behaviour

There are studies that support the notion that the benefits of burning incense can be  psychological. By extension, one can logically that pleasant odours would have an antidpressive-like behaviour. It’s a reasonable and certainly supported by aroma therapy, and our own experiences.

This suggests that centuries of Ayurvedic and natural medicine are likely not wrong when they make fairly safe lists of benefits (clinically unproven, unless stated otherwise) for various situations [cited from OM Times]:

  • Lavender, know to relieve stress and relax
  • Sandalwood, removes tension, creates awareness
  • Cinnamon, known for increasing focus
  • Cedar or pine, well known to help with depression and sadness
  • Dragon’s blood, soothes GI tract, helps with pain
  • Jasmine, balancing hormones, increasing libido
  • Amber: boosting immune system (also if worn, rather than burned, the oil is absorbed through skin)
  • Frankincense: was the subject of the above cited study, relieves depression; also known to increase creativity

It is fair to say that any pleasant incense will affect mood positively.

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