Our Top 5 Techniques for Clearing Negative Energy

Our Top 5 Techniques for Clearing Negative Energy

Have you ever walked into a room or space and felt a heavy or stale darkness in the surroundings? That’s called negative energy and it can make you feel heavy, dark, and gloomy; feel emotionally reactive and defensive; and view the world through a mixed filter of fear, anger, and paranoia.

Sometimes it’s easy to notice while other times it may take some time to actually realize it. Negative energy can be left from an argument, illness or generally anything that has been upsetting or negative and it can accumulate in spaces.  

Because the mind and body are so deeply intertwined, mental and emotional negativity can have a physical effect like  tense muscles, shallow breathing, increased blood pressure, and even elevated levels of adrenalin.

Negative energy is a toxin to our systems. And while you can often endure negativity in your mind and body for prolonged periods, negativity ultimately can have a damaging effect. This is way it is very important to stay free from negative emotions and energy and it is an important part of one’s overall well-being.

At Radiance Gifts, we recommend clearing your space, home or workplace if possible and often as needed. These are our favourite 9 techniques for energetically clearing spaces, stones, people, energy tools like wands or pendulums, etc. You need to clear/cleanse regularly. You may intuitively sense that something is “off”, or your tools may stop working for you. If you have recently done any protection work, are recovering from illness or have come in contact with negative energy, these tips will help you to move that trapped energy.

  1. SMUDGE– Burning sacred herbs such as sage or sweetgrass is a traditional tool used in indigenous cultures and many spiritual practices around the world. In South America Palo Santo wood is burned. Eastern Cultures burn incense. See our instructions on smudging techniques for more information.
  2. INCENSE - Burning incense can be a powerful clearing and cleansing tool. Of all of the five senses which we humans are blessed with, the sense of smell is perhaps the most spontaneous. Incense is a wonderful way to change the atmosphere of a room in seconds without having to go through the trouble of painting or moving furniture around. It is also an incredibly useful tool for meditation practice. Scents such as Japanese cedar, sandalwood and camphor seem to instantly pull the mind into a calm, meditative state in which you will find it easier to bring greater depth to your practice. Incense releases fragrant smoke when burned. Incense is used in therapy, meditation, and ceremony. Incense may also be used as a simple deodorizer.
  3. SUNLIGHT(or moonlight) – Being exposed to direct sunlight or moonlight (particularly full moon light) for a period of up to 24 hours will cleanse an area. 
  4. SOUND– The most innocuous of clearing technique, (if your neighbors don't mind!) is sound clearing. Drums, rattles, singing bowls, bells, whistles, tuning forks can all be used effectively to break up negaitive energies.
  5. SELENITESHUNGITE – These miracle stones are proving to be amazing at clearing you, your space, your energy tools and other stones. Carry them with you to protect you from harmful EMFs from cell phones and computers.

Sometimes more than one technique may be required. Smudge during a full moon while playing a sound tool, or wash your tools before leaving them in dry salt for a period of time. There are many other ways to remove blocked energy, but these 9 will help get you started.




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