Meet Melissa - New Psychic Intuitive

Melissa is a fifth generation psychic healer with twenty four years of Tarot Card Reading experience. Her great great Grandmother was a sought after healer who used herbs and laying-on of hands. Carrying on the tradition was her Mother who is currently a practitioner of 27 years offering Nei-gin Ging Qi Gong with integrated crystal healing. Reading the cards became Melissa’s way of using the psychic healing gifts she feel has been passed on from her family and Ancestral Spirit Guides. As a young child she was guided and mentored by her lineage and Spirit Guides, being taught in the ways of rocks, crystals, Humanities interconnectedness, herbs and communion with the natural world. This path led her to become interested in her Mother’s Tarot Deck – the classic ‘Rider Waite Deck’ which she first learned to read with. Since her abilities were increasing she looked for more answers embarking on a pilgrimage to Romania to connect with the ancestral roots on her Father’s side. This journey brought about an intensification of her clairvoyance abilities resulting in her being able to see what she describes as ‘Elemental Spirit Guides’. During readings with Melissa you may experience a connection with your Ancestral Guides or possibly find out which Elemental Spirits may be watching over you. Her background as a University certified Nutritionist combined with her claircognizant abilities means she receives and is able to interpret the messages from our Guides in regards to foods you should eat or avoid. She also integrates crystal sphere gazing, light refraction, astral projection and may introduce other rocks, crystals, herbs or automatic drawing which could be of use to you when creating a personal Sigil - all depending on the rhythm and flow of the reading. Do not be surprised if she pulls out several Tarot and Oracle decks to get across whatever message the Guides may have for you. A few of the Tarot and Oracle decks she is currently using are the classic Aleister Crowley ‘Thoth Deck’, Crow’s Magick Tarot, Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle, Bohemian Gothic Tarot by Baba Studio and Lo Scarabeo’s Tarot of the New Vision and After Tarot both based on the Rider-Waite deck

Available Tuesday & Wednesday Evening, and Saturday by Appointmenthy