How To Use A Backflow Incense Burner

Backflow incense cones can not not only fill a room with a pleasant scent, but the effect can be very captivating. Your favourite scent can drift you to sleep faster and  uplift your mood and complete the decoration of almost any room or office. 

Unlike usual incense cones, those employing the backflow technology allow the smoke downwards in a waterfall like way, hence creating a beautiful scene.

But, only if you lit the incense cone rightly and position it accordingly. So, how do you use it?

Backflow incense burners use only the specially designed cones called backflow cones. The cones have the pre-drilled holes in the center.

These burners exist in different designs and colors. Choose the design bearing the shape of an animal or scenery that pleases you. It could be one that blends with your room environment. After which choose the backflow cone that matches that burner.

Hold the cone in one hand the lighter in the other hand. To give you the right position of lighting it, tilt the cone sideways slightly. It makes lighting it very simple

With the cone still tilted sideways, ignite the lighter and bring it towards the pointed end of the cone. Then hold it briefly for about 5 to 10 seconds. When it starts to glow, detach the lighter and switch it off.

At first, the cone will burn with a flame for seconds. Then eventually the fame will go off giving way to a glow. But if the flame doesn’t go off, then blow it or fan it off.

For the smoke to go down the burner it must sit appropriately on the burner. If you turn the cone upside down, you will notice a hole drilled at the center. Likewise, on the burner, there is also a pre-drilled hole. Let the hole on the cone rest on top of the hole on the burner.