How to Create a Meditation Room

How to Create a Meditation Room

Meditation is most effective when practiced in a quiet, serene area free from distractions.  Those who are serious about making meditation a regular exercise should consider devoting a room or area of the home specifically to spiritual work.  Develop a sanctuary, a place of safety and serenity where you can really let go and delve into deeper meditative states.

Creating a meditation room can be a rewarding task and there are many possibilities. Your space will depend largely upon the location of your home, the size of the area you have and making your sacred space work with the rest of the home. Although there are many options to consider, there are some characteristics to keep in mind to make your meditation room decor the best it can be.

Your meditation room should have access to fresh air. Avoid windowless rooms since this can block the flow of energies and create stagnation. You’ll want to be able to draw fresh air in, at least periodically.

Opt for a room with as little outside noise as possible. In many areas it’s impossible to completely remove sound. In that instance, you may want to place a radio where you can turn on soft, ambient noise to promote harmony and enhance your space and help minimize noise pollution.

Meditation Room Colors
Light, neutral colors work best for the walls. They help balance energies and maintain calm, clean surroundings. Vivid colors can excite and create distractions. Other colors, like blues, can create serenity, but can also reduce vitality too much. There’s a reason anxiety and mild depression are often called “the blues”. Try to have the primary colors neutral and simple. You can always dress up the space with a bit of color by using brightly colored pillows or other removable décor.

Meditation Rom Decor
You will also want to keep a yoga mat or some form of cushion in the room for your practice. This can enhance comfort and bring a sense of purpose to the space. You don’t want your seating to be too comfortable because that can lead to falling asleep, but you don’t want to be distracted by hard mats or other discomforts. It’s all about the happy medium with seating. The goal is to be just comfortable enough.

Other meditation room ideas for an amazing space include candles. If you choose to use candlelight, opt for candles that are plain white or use natural scented candles made of non-toxic waxes like soy. Many natural candles are infused with pure essential oils that can also help enhance feelings of harmony and relaxation.

If your space has proper air flow, incenses can also be used to cleanse and purify your space and to welcome higher vibrational energies. Incense has been used to purify sacred spaces for centuries, across many cultures. It can be very effective for enhancing the spiritual feel of your meditation room.

However you choose to create it; your room should feel welcoming and warm. Keep it free from all clutter to facilitate the proper flow of energies. Clutter creates chaos in the environment and the mind. This should be one area that is kept meticulously clean and tidy, ensuring that you always feel at peace the moment you enter.

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