How to Attract Wealth With Chinese Coins

How to Attract Wealth With Chinese Coins

The ancient Asian practice of using correspondences to attract certain types of energies is most famously known in the use of chinese money coins to attract wealth. Practiced for many centuries, attracting wealth with money coins is part of the art of Feng-Shui, meaning “wind and Water”. Wikipedia describes Feng-Shui (pronounced FUNG shway) as “a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.” says that Feng-Shui is, “The Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang, as in arranging furniture or determining the siting of a house. Origin of feng shui 1795-1800; < Chinese: natural surroundings, literally, wind and water.”

Called a “Feng Shui Money Cure”, Chinese coins are used to not only draw wealth into your life but also for protection and to create good luck. There are many ways to use chinese money coins to attract wealth to you! Not only can you use the individual coins, in sets of three, but there are beautifully carved statues incorporating Chinese coins with wealth drawing money toads, money turtles and money dragons. At Kheops, Intl. you can find all your Chinese money cures easily.

Tie your money coins together with red ribbon or cord. There are informative you tube videos which show you the way. You will tie three coins together in a line or a triangular knot while visualizing your personal business success, bills being paid, credit debt being paid, and money coming to you. When you tie them together, make sure the faces of the coins (not the back) are facing up and that they are facing up wherever you place them.

The coins can be placed according to your “inflow” of money. For example, if you do business on a computer, tape the coins to the back of your computer. Placing luck coins in your wallet will help keep cash flowing in. Based on how you do your business and how you earn money, here are examples of where to place your coins:

Inside your wallet or purse
Inside your checkbook
On the telephone or inside your cell phone case
Inside your cash register
Inside your car
With your banking records and investment portfolios
In your briefcase
Under your welcome mat
Under all mats leading inside your home or business
Under the rugs
In your client files
Inside of water fountains
In a sitting or meditation area
In your garden or houseplants
Inside your mailboxYou may come up with other creative places for your money coins. Make sure to place them in a clean area you will access daily. Always place them loose or tied together in sets of three, six, nine, etc… Keep this area clean. Making a daily ritual of cleaning the area and visualizing success and luck are an excellent meditation!

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