Crystal Clear - Cleansing Your Crystals

Crystal Clear - Cleansing Your Crystals

by Katilin Robertson, Nature's Expression

When you use anything on a daily basis spiritually or physically, it is important to understand how to maintain them. If you drive your car every day, you will need to fill up the tank, and eventually get an oil change. If you don’t, you may or may not find yourself on the side of the road. Those who work with energy would agree that maintenance applies to crystals as well.
There are a quite a few ways to cleanse your crystals. One of the easiest ways involves water; however, you will want to ensure your crystal or stone is not damaged or dissolved by water.

When to cleanse:
The best time to cleanse your crystals is when you first obtain them. This will clear any energy that may have unintentionally been transferred when they were handled. Afterward, you should routinely cleanse your crystals either daily, weekly or following a moon cycle. Note: follow your intuition; if you feel your crystals need to be cleansed, do so. Often it is best to cleanse your crystals before starting any session.

How to cleanse:
Moon Light:
If following the moon cycle, during a full moon is a perfect time to cleanse crystals. A full moon carries a strong energy. It can be experienced for three full days; the day before, the day of, and the day after. Exposing your crystals to the moon light between, or for the full duration of these three days, you will get the best results.

Sound Vibrations:
All matter is said to have different vibration levels. As we look to reset a crystal’s vibrations, make sure that your crystals are exposed almost directly to the sound vibration you have selected. Tibetan singing bowls, tingshas, tuning forks or even your favourite song works in this case!

Sage & Incense:
When it comes to smoke cleansing, smudging is the easiest, most universal way to cleanse not only your crystals, but your home as well. Either waft smoke from burning sage onto your crystals, or run your crystals through the smoke from burning sage to gain your desired effect.

Sun Light:
Leaving your crystals in a safe spot out in the sun can recharge and cleanse. Ensure prior to cleansing with the sun, that your crystal or stone will not fade or change colour if placed out for a few hours.

Running your crystals under some cool water is a quick and simple way of cleansing them physically. Be aware not all crystals can be submerged under water.

Salt or Brown Rice:
Burying your crystals in salt or brown rice is a great option as well. Make sure you do not use salt with soft crystals, as the salt may damage them.

Burying in the Earth:
The earth has its own energies that can help rebalance any crystal. The best way to cleanse your balance using earth is to put the crystal in soil in a small pot (relative to the size of your crystal).

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