Choosing The Right Pendulum

Choosing The Right Pendulum

We’ve got a great selection of Pendulums in the store and online. A pendulum is created by suspending a small weight from a piece of thread, chain, or cord . . . in the past many people used their wedding ring hanging on a piece of thread as a pendulum.

The right pendulum for you is anything that looks attractive and you find comfortable to hold and use. Actually a crystal pendant that you can wear as jewelry makes a good simple choice, as you have it available on your body for use at any time.

However it is a good idea to have a special instrument that you use only for dowsing or magical work. When choosing your pendulum be sure to ask yourself  this simple question;

 ”Is this pendulum in harmony with me?”

If you receive a positive response then buy it!!!

It is a good idea to have a small bag to keep your pendulum in. This makes it easier to carry around and your pendulum is protected this way and is less likely to pick up other people’s negative thoughts (energies).

It is usually best to start working with a pendulum on your own.   Unless you have friends who share extremely similar aims and interests as you, you might find the presence of other people distracting when you first start learning to use your pendulum.

Here is a good Posture for using your pendulum.   If you are sitting down, rest your elbow on a table and hold the thread or chain of your pendulum between your thumb and first finger, lightly, using the least amount of pressure possible. Your elbow should be the only part of your body in direct contact with the table. Make sure that your stomach or other hand is not inadvertently touching the table. The palm of your hand should be facing downward on the ground, and the pendulum should be hanging about a foot in front of you.

Make sure that your hands and legs are uncrossed.

If you subconsciously protect yourself by crossing your legs, arms or hands, you will effectively close off the pendulum’s operation, and it will not work in the way it should. You can prove this for yourself once you have become used to the pendulum. Hold the pendulum in front of you and allow it to swing in the positive movement. While it is swinging, cross your legs or bring your feet together. You will find that the pendulum will stop moving.

Swing the pendulum gently back and forth to become familiar with the movement. Allow the pendulum to swing in different directions. Deliberately swing the pendulum in gentle circles. You might like to experiment with this while holding the thread at different lengths to see if the pendulum moves more readily for you when held at a particular position. Most people find the best length of thread is between four and five inches. I suggest you experiment though, as you may find a shorter or longer length works better for you.

Once you have become used to the feel of the pendulum, stop the movements of the weight with your free hand. When the pendulum is still, ask it which movement indicates a positive, or yes response.  Most people will find that the pendulum will immediately respond and provide the answer.  . . However if you have never used a pendulum before, it might take some time before it moves.   Be patient.   It will probably move only slightly at first, but if you keep on thinking yes it will start moving more and more strongly.

Ultimately, it makes no difference if your first experiment succeeds right away or takes longer.   Once you become used to using it, the answers will come almost as soon as you suspend your pendulum. When people have difficulty it is helpful to stare at the weight and imagine it moving, the pendulum almost always starts to move.

Everyone is capable of using a pendulum.

There is no need to worry about how much time it takes to get your pendulum moving.  Yes the pendulum will start working more quickly in the hands of someone who is open, imaginative, and receptive to new ideas, than it will when held by someone who is logical, methodical, and precise, but with practice anyone can become proficient at using their pendulum.

Your pendulum will move in one of four ways: it may move backward and forward, from side to side, or swing in a circle, either clockwise or counterclockwise.

Make a note of the response that indicates a yes answer for you. Then ask what response indicates no . . . I don’t know and I don’t want to answer. These responses will probably remain the same for the rest of your life.

Now you are ready to ask your pendulum questions which can be answered with one of these four responses.

Start by asking questions that you already know the answers for.

You might ask: “Am I a woman?” If you are, the pendulum should answer “yes.” if you are female. You can ask similar questions about your name, age, marital status, number of children, and so on. The purpose of this is to become accustomed to the movements of the pendulum, and to demonstrate to your-self the accuracy of the answers it provides.

Once the pendulum has confirmed the questions that you know the answers to, you can start to ask it questions you would like to know the answers to.   The pendulum is able to answer these because it can tap your subconscious mind for the answers, and then bring them back to your conscious mind.

Your conscious mind knows a reasonable amount, but your powerful subconscious mind contains much, much more information. You could compare your mind to an iceberg. The conscious mind is the small part above water, and your subconscious is the much larger portion that is hidden from view.

 Be careful with your questions initially.

This is because it is possible to override the movements of the pendulum with your will especially if you have an emotional involvement in the outcome, if you do sometimes it is better to ask someone who has no interest in the outcome to hold the pendulum for you.

Many people have a tendency to ask questions that are impossible for the pendulum to answer with its limited range of responses.   Usually, it is best to ask a series of simple questions, rather than trying to formulate one complicated question that will answer everything with a single movement of the pendulum.  In practice, you will receive a clearer answer this way.

Sometimes you will receive the “I don’t want to answer” message. When this happens, look at the way in which you asked the question. See if you can rephrase it again in a different form. You often will find that you receive an more revealing answer by turning the original question into two or three simpler questions.

There is no right or wrong time in which to use the pendulum. It is a tool that is ready for you to use whenever the need or desire arises.

For at least two hundred years people have known that unconscious, involuntary movements of the hand holding the pendulum cause the pendulum to move. The subconscious mind of the person holding the pendulum causes the muscles to react unconsciously. This is known as an “ideomotor”  response (The pendulum amplifies responses that would otherwise be too small to be noticed.

The answers are coming from inside you.

The pendulum gives us access to our subconscious minds. It could be said that it is an extension of our central nervous system. Consequently, it is not the pendulum that is providing you with information.

The information is coming from your subconscious mind,

and is being communicated through your nervous system. The pendulum is a tool to amplify the messages from our own nervous system.

People often say that we can influence the movements of the pendulum by using our minds, therefore any information we receive must be suspect.

 In fact, the opposite is the case.

The pendulum enables us to tap into our subconscious minds whenever we wish. The subconscious mind can access the universal mind that knows the answers to everything. Ever notice that sometimes you go to bed at night with a problem and wake up in the morning with the answer. While we were asleep, our subconscious mind asked the universal mind for the answer, and then faithfully passed it on to us when we woke up.

We do much the same thing when we are using a pendulum. The pendulum accesses our subconscious minds, which in turn taps into the universal mind, and the pendulum gives us the answer.   Consequently, we can ask the pendulum any question at all, and receive an answer from the universal mind.

The best results occur when there is a genuine need for the answer.

The pendulum is a tool that can help you immensely.   Use it wisely, and enjoy the many benefits it can provide. Check our selection in the store or online.

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