6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards

6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards

6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards are not just another oracle card set! They offer a more comprehensive experience, also providing affirmations and recommended crystals to help you along your path to a happier, more fulfilling life. The cards, designed to help you see down the tunnel or looking glass of your own excellent but often unrecognized intuition, will soon become a part of your daily routine. Similar to a tarot deck, this very positive deck, created by internationally renowned psychic medium Anne-Marie McCormack, will answer your core questions and deliver uplifting, positive suggestions to help you make course corrections to your advantage. 6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards require no special training or experience to use, so you can quickly tap its substantial benefits.

These cards will help you to access the guidance and core truths you have always possessed. Why not own 6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards, a "best friend" and companion on your daily and life quest?

Anne-Marie McCormack is an author, teacher and a celebrated psychic medium. She has been helping people throughout the world with her psychic gifts since the 1980s. She’s appeared on TV and has had her own internet radio show. She is the founder of 6th Sense Connection, which started out as a spiritual store in Cassadaga, Florida and moved online in 2013. This enabled her to spend more time writing, exploring, teaching and do more spiritual consultations and broadcasts to anyone who has an internet connection via social media and video conferencing. She has spent her life working as a psychic medium and is also an accomplished businesswoman. Her passion is connecting people with spirit, angels and higher vibrational energy. She loves sharing her gifts with others and has created the 6th Sense Connection Oracle Cards and workbook so that others may find or expand their own intuitive connection to the divine.

Anne-Marie believes the future isn't cast in stone and we all have free will. Her messages from spirit are delivered with humor, kindness and compassion. The one consistent thing about life is it changes, so if you don't like your current circumstances it's never too late to do something positive about them! All you need is a little knowhow and the right attitude because we are all masters of our own destiny.


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